Thriving with Passion

Hello Creator and Viewers,

We are excited that qoohoo turned three months old today. Quite an amazing journey we had building the app for creators. We express our heartfelt gratitude & thanks to all the creators who are helping us to build an amazing app by suggesting super cool features. Have you started building your community on qoohoo? Wait no longer, fill up the form to get early access.

Talking about super cool features, check out our new feature — ‘Private channels’. Swiftly, a couple of creators belonging to yoga, music, and mentorship categories created private channels and events to engage one-to-one. Creator cited that they saw a 2.7x increase in their revenue. We just love the way creators are using our platform.

Let’s hear a couple of creator’s stories -

  1. Tech Kannada — our very own creator from the land of beauty, Karnataka, had a massive follower base on Instagram and YouTube. On a mission to literate Kannadigas on financial aspects and the Indian stock market, we embarked our journey with them. Within a week they could see a growth of 2x in their paid user base. Have a sneak peek at the channel — Join if you understand Kannada.

2. Mandala Magic by Aparna from the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh, started her channel to teach Mandala art to her community. Members of the mandala community are all gaga on the peace and relaxation they get from mandala drawing. We do urge you to join her course, not just for art, but for serenity. Here’s the link to join Aparna’s Mandala Magic community.

3. Your Move to the Corporate — Led by Dr. Swarnendra, we have seen a couple of students turn into corporate heroes and win accolades within months. Dr. Swarnendra develops your skill right from crafting your resume to drafting a powerful presentation and driving a corporate team. You must join the community if you are looking to develop interpersonal skills, get a job or excel in your profession. Click here to join the community.

4. MusicWale — A community for singers and musicians. Musicwale teaches you the true spirits of singing and music. If you are a newbie, get ready to give your stage performance in just three months. We have one of our interns learning from Musicwale and now he does leave any opportunity to play his tunes during break-off meetings (shh! we all think that he will be a famous musician someday). Join the community today

Inspiring stories, aren’t they? We would love to watch you grow with us too. We welcome you to build your community on qoohoo. You can be a musician, a yogi spreading the vision of health and prosperity, a mentor inspiring and rising people, a sport and fitness coach, a Finwhiz sharing financial guidance, a startup and marketing guide, an artist spreading love and harmony, a dancer who vibes the viewers or a comedian bringing laughter into life.

We call you to build your community, engage and monetize in 60 seconds.

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